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About Me.

Credential & Certifications:

Susanne has completed training in Biblical Foundations Counseling, is a certified Life Coach from Lightworkers Academy, and has completed 86 hours of Biblical & Christian Counseling Education from Liberty University, with training and education in using scripture to help women overcome many of life's problems. Her background ensures that her guidance is not only rooted in faith but also grounded in professional coaching and foundational biblical counseling principles and methodologies. Her commitment to ongoing learning and personal development reflects in the quality of service she provides to her clients.

Faith Focused Approach:

Driven by a deep faith, Susanne understands the unique challenges that women often face in their personal and spiritual lives. Her foundational sessions are designed to help you embrace your identity in Christ, fostering confidence, resilience, and purpose.

Specialized Services:

Whether you're navigating life transitions, seeking purpose, or desiring a renewed mindset, Susanne offers specialized, non-mental health, discipleship counseling services tailored for non-denominational Christian women. From scripture meditation sessions to goal setting with purpose, to using the Bible to overcome some of life's hardest challenges, each program experience is crafted to address the specific needs of her clients.

Empowering Women
to Thrive!

Susanne is on a mission to empower women to thrive in all aspects of their lives. Through a combination of biblically inspired coaching and a nurturing, supportive biblical foundations discipleship counseling approach, she guides Chrisitan women toward embracing their unique strengths and unlocking their full potential in Christ.

Personal Transformation, One Woman at a Time

Experience a discipleship journey that transcends the ordinary, as Susanne walks alongside you in your pursuit of a transformed mindset. Discover the joy, confidence, and purpose that arise from aligning your thoughts with biblical truths.

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