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Learn to think differntly 

Process events in a healthy way

See the world in technicolor not black and white

Receive support from others

About the program...

This program was developed by the  Substance Abuse Disorder and Mental Health Association and is applicable to all persons desiring to improve their anger management skills. For the next 13 weeks, you will be provided with a summary of core concepts with in-between-session challenges.  These exercises will help you develop the skills that are necessary to successfully manage anger.


The skills presented in this anger management program are ONLY effective at helping manage anger IF you fully commit to practicing your tools between sessions.

Workbook & Resources


CPT Workbook

Please download and print this workbook. You will be responsible for the daily work and weekly assignments.


Resources for Relaxation

Our Resource page contains releveant relaxation exercises to help you manage anger and stress.


For Staff

Refer to this workbook for guidance on how to lead a session.

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