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Prayer & Deliverance

"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places"

Ephesians 6:12

Inner Healing & Deliverance

Sacred Tree inner healing sessions facilitate a deeper connection with God where clients are guided through a process of inviting Him in and partnering with Jesus and the Holy Spirit to heal past wounds, let go of unforgiveness, encounter the fullness of God's love and experience true and lasting freedom. 

Inner Healing Sessions are not counseling. Inner Healing Sessions are designed to succinctly identify and reconcile areas where you are believing a lie, close open doors, and release you from demonic influence over your life. Clients often feel the need to attend counseling to enable them to be ready for inner healing or to stay free following a session. If a stronghold or deeply rooted belief system is identified that prevents clients from moving forward in the inner healing and deliverance process we will pause and recommend counseling before continuing. 

Healing Spaces &
House Blessings

Have you ever walked into a space and it doesn't feel quite right? Areas of your home or office that once seemed bright but now the light has somehow dimmed? Unclean Spirits otherwise known as demonic activiy described in the bible not only affect people but affect areas of your home, office, church, and more.

At Sacred Tree, we use the spiritual gift of discernment to partner with the Holy Spirit and identify areas that are affected by past interactions in a negative way.

This is not an episode of Ghost hunters, this is true healing of space by removing unclean spirits and the legal right that has been granted to them by engaging in sinful behaviors. In our experience unclean spirits remain in a space for many reasons including tragedy or trauma,  angry arguments, harboring unforgiveness about past interactions, living together without being married, watching certain movies or shows, engaging in intentional or unintentional practices of Whitcraft, and intentionally or unintentionally partnering with principalities.

By the authority of Jesus passed down to us through the Holy Spirit all Christians have the ability to repent, renounce and remove unclean spirits. It is our goal to train you in the act of praying, inviting the Holy Spirit, and sealing off spaces much in the same way the Israelites were instructed during Passover. 

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What Our Clients Say

"Throughout my healing journey I encountered several points where I felt stuck and unable to move forward. This left me feeling frustrated, hopeless and wondering what I was doing wrong. Sacred Tree helped me understand that sometimes the influence of spiritual forces outside of my awareness were keeping me in bondage. I felt condemnation and shame for not being able to change certain patterns of behaviour or repeating thoughts no matter how hard I tried. I was doing everything "right" but still couldn't seem to break free. Sacred Tree helped me understand that it wasn't a lack of willpower on my part. Through focused inner healing and deliverance sessions, God revleaed where I was being influenced by demonic forces, helped me close open doors/ correct ungodly beliefs and set me free from the oppression that was keeping me from moving forward in the plans He had for me."


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