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Discovering Your Purpose in Matthew 10

Are you searching for purpose? Feeling unfulfilled because you have seemingly fallen short of the great call on your life that everyone is talking about? What if it were less complicated than some have made it out to be? What if Christ already revealed your purpose and the purpose of every Christian within scripture? In the Gospel of Matthew, chapter 10 unfolds a poignant moment where Jesus imparts essential teachings to his disciples, unraveling the purpose and mission that all Christians are called to fulfill. This chapter serves as a guiding light for believers, outlining the responsibilities and challenges that come with being a follower of Christ no matter what title you hold.

1. Commissioning the Disciples (Matthew 10:1-4): Jesus begins by selecting and commissioning his twelve disciples, empowering them with authority over unclean spirits and diseases. This act symbolizes the divine authority granted to Christians, urging them to confront the spiritual battles and afflictions of the world.

2. Preaching the Kingdom of Heaven (Matthew 10:5-15): Christ instructs his disciples to proclaim the arrival of the Kingdom of Heaven, emphasizing the importance of spreading the message of salvation. This signifies the Christian's purpose to share the gospel and bring others into the knowledge of God's redemptive plan.

3. Facing Persecution (Matthew 10:16-23): Jesus candidly warns his disciples about the hardships they will encounter, emphasizing the inevitability of persecution. This underscores the Christian's purpose to endure trials and tribulations for the sake of their faith, remaining steadfast in their commitment to Christ.

4. Fear God, Not Man (Matthew 10:26-33): In these verses, Jesus encourages his followers to fear God above all else, assuring them that God values and protects them. This imparts the Christian's purpose to prioritize their relationship with God, even in the face of worldly challenges.

5. Taking Up the Cross (Matthew 10:34-39): Jesus speaks of division and the necessity for disciples to prioritize their commitment to him over familial ties. This challenges Christians to understand that their purpose involves a radical allegiance to Christ, sometimes requiring difficult choices for the sake of faith.

6. Receiving the Faithful (Matthew 10:40-42): Concluding the chapter, Jesus emphasizes the significance of receiving those who bring the message of Christ. This underscores the Christian's purpose to welcome and support fellow believers, fostering a sense of community and unity in the body of Christ.

Clearing up any confusion regarding our purpose, Matthew 10 provides profound insight into the purpose of all Christians, challenging them to embrace the responsibilities that come with following in the footsteps of Christ. From proclaiming the gospel to enduring persecution, the teachings in this chapter inspire believers to live out their faith authentically, no matter where God has placed them, recognizing that their purpose is intertwined with the transformative message of Jesus Christ and bringing others to Him. Seasons change and opportunities come and go. We can often get wrapped up in titles and opportunities and use them to define our purpose and even our identity. However; mission fields change from work to family to everything under the sun, but the task is always the same! Ask yourself each day "Did I do what Christ has asked me to do in Mathew?" If the answer is yes, congratulations! - you are already living on mission and walking out your purpose.

Have a blessed week!

Susanne & Elyssa


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