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God Sees You!

God sees you even in the storm.

We often ask where God is in the midst of trouble, disease, death and even war.

Forgetting that is was man’s rebellion against God and not God’s anger towards man that brought about calamity.

There are many factors that contribute to trouble in this world, most of them being free will. But rest assured that our God loves us through - His Spirit guiding and teaching us, Jesus interceding in heaven for us, his angels surrounding us - every storm.

The hard truth is that we do have to know His word, trust in His promises and obey His plan in order to see the full fruits of that! If you don’t see God in something, try drawing nearer to him rather than farther away.

Trusting He loves you and wants to comfort and provide for you!

Know, Trust and Obey > Fear, Doubt, Worry

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